1. verrrrrrry nice! I like it a lot! Go you!!

    When the time comes I can hook you up with carpet referrals :) We did carpet only after we moved out and we STILL managed to despoil it. Kids, I tell you.

  2. oh boy. all my mom talked about when i was home was how much she loves HGTV (they only recently got cable) and how she’s trying to make all the different parts of the yard and outdoor sitting areas “pop” with color. apparently, they want to make everything “pop” on HGTV. :-)

    seriously though, her and jeff’s garden is pretty awesome. there are some areas they haven’t gotten to, but it’s pretty impressive for 2 people in their 50s and 60s who are also working fulltime.

  3. actually, i should have said “it’s pretty impressive, *especially*, for 2 people in their 50s and 60s who are also working fulltime.

    i had a very small garden when i had my house in philly, but never had the motivation to keep it up like some of you green thumbs!

  4. Love them! They look great. I can’t believe how different it makes the yard look. It looks clean, and crisp, whereas the Snow on the Mountain, kind of had that overgrown look. Where did you get the big rocks for the borders? I really like the way that ties it all together. Nice job. :-)

  5. Watch out, Amy! That’s not Snow on the Mtn, that’s Bishop’s Weed! And that stuff is tough! Keep an eye out, in case it pops back up again. It’s on runners, so you never know.

    Nice job on the garden updating! Woo! Wanna come on over and weed mine? I’ve been slacking and it’s getting baaaaad. Although I did find a toad today out front, so that’s good. : )

  6. Amy, I love it! Gives me some great ideas for our own yard…

  7. soooo awesome that you too before & afters. LOVE your beds! what hard work!

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