1. I love your first blue box up there! Totally agree! I don’t have an issue with the doll- honestly my boys have always nursed their dolls or stuffed animals and they lift their shirt, showing their bare chests. They know how it works- and it’s natural. I think if we had this doll (I’m not sure I’d buy it but would consider asking for it as a gift) I’d probably do without the vest. But I’d have to really look at it to see.


  2. i LOVE this post!
    it’s my opinion that this doll is unnecessary. but more than the doll, it’s the vest.
    i also thinks it raises the consciousness level of our daughters to a point that it doesn’t need to be. i wrote more about it in a different post.
    but thank you! you handled this beautifully and fairly.

  3. I tweeted this, but when I mentioned the doll to my husband and told him what everyone thought was “wrong” with the doll he simply said, “The only think ‘wrong’ with the doll is that it might give the impression that latching on is easy!” Of course, this come from the man who tried to nurse is little brother himself when he was a kid. :)

  4. Kids definitely mimic what they see – my older son, at 2, pretended to nurse various stuffed animals after seeing me breastfeed his brother.

    I don’t like the idea of the doll – but more for the one reason you state – I don’t like toys that are meant to do ONE THING and one thing only. If we really want a toy that makes a point – make one that suckles when laid horizontally – and let the kids decide whether they put a bottle in its mouth or a “boob”.

  5. I’m curious how many little girls have baby dolls and still have the bottle that came with it? My three little girls immediately lose every accessory that comes with the doll. Still, they’re not pretending to nurse them. I didn’t nurse long enough for them to have a lasting memory of being nursed or seeing me nurse a baby. I agree that kids imitate what they see, which is why my children’s pretend play is largely made up of pretending to cook and clean, while checking in every so often on their pretend laptops. ;-)

  6. While as a kid I wanted those dolls that had batteries and did all kinds of things but I never did get any of them. My parents did buy me a real baby carrier one year with a more life size baby. That was my favorite Christmas when I was little.

    I remember playing that I was “breast feeding.” I was raised around breast feeding so I think you are right kids will act out what they see the adults doing with real babies.

    I do have issues with the “pasties” because with all the pervs out there I wouldn’t want to see little girls with these on (even on a shirt) out in public. Plus it again is just another thing for people to think they “have to buy.” When like you pointed out, a girl around breast feeding is going to likely do the same with the doll.

  7. I loved this post. My daughter breastfeeds all her babies by lifting up her shirt and nursing her babies. I think the doll is great and I’m glad that breastfeeding is put out there instead of just the normal baby with the bottle. What I hate is adults putting adult themes on this doll – sex, boobs as sex objects, etc. This is really no different then the Coralle dolls that come with a bottle, spoon, etc and then talk or suckles. Kids love those and would probably love this too. I also don’t think this doll will raise the sexual consiousness of children, or put sex on the brain – its a doll that breastfeeds…which is FOOD for babies and toddlers.

  8. When I was little I had one doll named “Baby Dear” that I played with all the time. I’m sure I had others, but that’s the only one I remember. My mom talks about me nursing Baby Dear alongside her when she nursed my brother. I think it’s nice to have this option on the market, but like you said it’s unnecessary for most kids, they can nurse any doll.

  9. This was a very well balanced post.

    I am angered by the immediate over-reaction people have to the “sexual” nature of breastfeeding, but I agree that this doll is a creativity crusher.

    My daughter has nursed all her doll babies. When her brother was small a friend bought her a mini-boppy and mini-sling and she wandered around the house nursing dolls whenever I sat down to nurse the baby. She loved having the appropriate accessories but never seemed to miss a doll that burped and nuzzled.

  10. I think the vest is totally unnecessary. My kids nurse their dolls and bottle feed their dolls. The vest is only necessary for this doll to get the action of nursing from the mechanical doll. I get why they need the vest to make the doll work. I would not buy it, though.

  11. I totally agree with this statement:

    “I am not in favor of toys that are made to perform a certain function and stifle creativity (or ones that are battery-operated).”

    I don’t think the doll can do anything more to promote breastfeeding than the parents of the child aren’t already doing… It’s a waste.

  12. Wow, while I total love the idea of the doll and the teaching of breastfeeding, I am shocked and amazed by the comments of some of the people mentioned in the article. Especially of from the mothers who themselves breastfeed their own children but say such things as

    ““no way in HELL” she would ever buy this doll for her daughters and goes so far as to call it “ridiculous,” “stupid,” and “moronic””

    Not sure if I can fully understand why it is okay for one to feed their own children but then not allow their children to imitate that action. Since when has breastfeeding becoming disgraceful?

  13. Thanks for the link!

    As I watch my toddler hold her teddy bears like babies and when I saw my almost four year old drop a toy turtle out of her shirt today like giving birth to a turtle baby, it is so apparent that mimicry happens regardless of whether there’s a gimmicky breastfeeding doll around or not.

    This is normal, appropriate, healthy and common behavior for children. To anyone who looks at play-nursing or play-birth as a form of early sexual development or looks at it as sexual in and of itself: Please stop looking at my kids. Look elsewhere. You have creeped me out far more than some robotic baby doll ever could.

  14. I’d totally buy this doll.. even if it was only to bug my own mom who cringes every time I nurse my 14 month old. I’d love to see her face seeing my daughter with this doll!

    Attitudes are slowly changing back to nursing being the norm.. hopefully we’ll see more of these type of dolls on the market.

  15. I agree with Cate. Girls have never needed a specially marketed doll to pretend to breastfeed their dolls. They will mimic whatever feeding method they see their mom doing. And the pasties are weird.

  16. It’s not the doll, it’s the pasties. I don’t know exactly what it is about the vest that bugs me, but it does.

    And the cynical part of me thinks that the company that makes this doll doesn’t give a rip about promoting breastfeeding and has instead recognized a way to make more money.

    I breastfed both my kids, but I don’t need a special doll to raise BF advocates.

  17. My daughter sometimes nurses her dolls, sometimes “bottle feeds” them although neither of my kids took a bottle.

    Kids mimic and it is just trying on new roles and working out their ideas and playing and I see nothing wrong with a child mimicking nursing. It isn’t going to make a girl any more likely to rush into motherhood than having a baby doll in the first place.

    I have no problem with a doll that promotes nursing, although I don’t think it needs to be battery operated. I do think the accessories are a bit much, if only because I wouldn’t want my daughter wearing any sort of “bra” at a young age.

    I think, perhaps, I would prefer a doll that, like many dolls, comes with a little book about the baby and how to care for it. And this one says, “When my baby is hungry, I can nurse her or feed her mashed up food.” Simple, easy, no batteries required.

    The commenter on Julie’s Health Club is a bit crazy.

  18. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, that’s great. And by “great” I mean, “totally bizarre and hilarious.”

  19. Love it. :) My kids, both girl and boy, nursed many a stuffed animal. They would lift their shirt and nurse away!

  20. I tend to agree with you, Amy. Each of my girls have nursed baby dolls and stuffed animals with absolutely no prompting or direction from me. As other commenters have noted, children will mimic what they see. Breastfeeding is normal and there is absolutely nothing abnormal about my girls nursing dolls and stuffed animals as a way to act out nurturing in pretend play.

    My girls also feed their babies and animals baby bottles because that is another act of feeding and nurturing they have seen in our community of friends. I don’t make a big deal out of it – I just say “babies can eat from boobies or bottles.”

    I am okay with the concept of the doll, I just agree with you that it isn’t necessary and it could, in some ways, stifle creativity. But mostly it’s unnecessary.

    The reactions to this doll, however, speak volumes to the current attitudes in our culture towards breastfeeding and sadly reflect that we (Western culture) still have a ways to go towards everyone accepting and embracing the fact that breastfeeding is normal – even and especially in pretend play.

  21. I am in agreement with you, Amy. I would not buy this doll simply because I disagree with toys that are “meant” to be played with in one and only one specific way.

    However, I do think this doll IS wholly appropriate for children. Why not?? One reason that breastfeeding is still looked upon by some as a sexual act is because toys like this one don’t exist. Toys can play an active role in normalizing a behavior in a child’s mind. Maybe if more of these critics played with breastfeeding dolls right off the bat, they would see it for what it is: a natural source of nourishment for one’s child.

  22. I am not sure the doll is needed to encourage children to be cool with breastfeeding. Role modeling accomplishes that. I am not opposed to the doll either. We just do not buy that sort of thing.

  23. i believe children should be allowed to explore and understand the natural beauty of life and not be restricted to what adults believe to be right or wrong—especially when we are talking about playtime. crunchy, i think you should get each of your kids one!

  24. I agree with Cate. I think it’s just another way for a company to get us to buy more stuff. Most kids try to breastfeed their dolls or stuffed toys – even boys. Hell, I’ve even known kids who’ve tried to breastfeed their baby siblings! lol

    In all honesty, I don’t think a doll that breastfeeds is going to “normalise” anything. Kids react to the way their parents and adult role models react to things. You don’t need a doll to tell kids that breastfeeding is perfectly fine.

  25. Last winter we were at a birthday party. All of the adults were around the table. This was the 1st time I had met my neighbors family. I look over to see my oldest pretending to nurse her friends baby doll.
    Everyone started looking over at her and not really knowing what to say. My daughter was siting there with the biggest grin on her face, her shirt lifted, baby at her nipple, and covered the babes head with her shirt. I thought it was adorable and asked her if she was being like me with her sister who was about 18 months at the time.
    She said yes and continued on.

    After that my youngest joined in and nursed her baby doll and so did my neighbors friend.

    My kids don’t understand why they see babies eating from bottles. Until recently they really thought that bottles only came with baby dolls. They are fascinated with our neighbors. They have an 8 month old and whenever he has his bottle the girls always want to know how the bottle comes to be. They used to ask why the baby was drinking from the bottle, now they want to know how it’s made and how come all babies don’t drink mommy milk.

    My girls are 4.5 and 2.yrs old.
    I would not buy this doll for them. I see where they are going with it and I applaud them for taking a step in making breastfeeding more natural to children.

    My kids use their own dolls, so we would have no need for this one.

  26. For goodness sake!! Did people get upset when the first doll with diapers came out? It’s just a natural need of a baby and children like to imitate ANYTHING a parent does. There is nothing wrong with this doll!

  27. I have no issue with the doll. It isn’t really necessary as I figure lots of littke girls pretend to nurse their dolls without a special doll anyway. I know I did.

  28. LOL at Julian! ;) Tim tried to nurse Lydia when she was little – he was responding to her crying.

  29. The Boy nurses everything– dolls, fish in the tub, stuffed animals. I love it! :)

  30. My initial reaction was ew! Really? I get all the arguments for it. However, I’m leaning toward the “tmi for little girls” side of the fence. I think it’s the vest that puts me there.

    I breastfed my daughter, and I made that decision despite never having had a breastfeeding doll, or never watching my mom breastfeed my sister.I made that choice as an adult, when I was pregnant.

    I think this doll is “overthinking” it.

  31. the criticisms of this doll are way creepier than the doll itself.

    breastfeeding is not sexual! boobs are made to nourish babies. for the love!

    no, i wouldn’t buy this doll, but not because it’s offensive–it’s just another unnecessary plastic fantastic consumer good we don’t need.

  32. I am undecided too…. I know we wouldn’t purchase it, we have many plain old dolls who get nursed by my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son. When they do use the bottle to feed the dolls, I just make a comment about a mommmy must have pumped milk and put mommy milk in the bottle.

    I just found your blog from ‘no time for flashcards’ and I am adding your to my following blogs…. we seem to have so much in common!

  33. I don’t see any problem with this, children need to learn about breastfeeding and this is a fine outlet for that.

  34. Bebe Gloton the brestfeeding doll is available on eBay for $112 including shipping, you save about $20 buying on ebay or you can order from http://www.bebegloton.us
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