1. You are amazing!! I’m going to have to try those brownies. They look so thick and rich.

  2. You rock! I love that book and I love those brownies – that’s a weight watchers recipe my mom used to make! I’ll try with zucchini this week.

  3. That book changed my life. I now eat much closer to home. Good work on preserving the zuc’s you got. I am overrun in cuc’s. Want some?

  4. I think I’ll have to try the cookies. and the brownies. yes.

  5. I never thought of going on freecycle to get veggies! What an amazing idea. I’m so checking that out tonite! (My squash plant totally tanked this year…)

  6. I definitely have to try these. So many yummy recipes. And your photos are great, too.

  7. Love the brownie recipe.

    Is it true the bigger the zucchini the less nutrient dense it is?

  8. If you happen to have access to a dehydrator, that is another option (as opposed to freezing) for the shreds.

  9. I had black bean brownies a few months ago and, while I was nervous to try it, I absolutely LOVED it and have been wanting to get the recipe. I wonder if this is it; I’ll certainly have to try it.

    I’ve found a wonderful recipe for zucchini bread online and should you ever get another windfall of zuc and want to try it, I could send you the link. :D

  10. my zucchinis are massive huge like that… i have no idea how they get that way!!

  11. Not only Barbara is proud of you, obviously we all are.
    Great idea to grate the zucchinis. We have an overflowing veggie garden at times and that is a wonderful idea.
    Canning is not my thing either, the lids always fail and I hate to see all my work going to waste, let alone the produce.

  12. What an amazing job! Well done! I sneak grated zucchini into heaps of things for my kids, and also love the idea of grating and freezing.

  13. Wowza! Someone gave me arecipe for black-bean chocolate cake the other day. It was pretty low in sugar, and between the bean and the whole grain flour and eggs, pretty nutritious! I am now officially inspired to try it. Thanks, Amy!

    I love the photos of the kids playing with the squash. That is truly recycling-from food to dinner in one quick evening :)

  14. Wow, these brownies seem like a great way to get kids to secretly eat vegetables and love it. So clever!

  15. Yes she would! We love grilled zucchini sticks in our house. I slice the really big ones lengthwise in “zucchini sheets”, brush with olive oil, sea salt, garlic powder, and a dash of red pepper.
    So easy and so delicious.

  16. Wow, I’ve never seen a recipe for zucchini like that. I will definitely be trying them out as I always have a “glut” of zucchini about this time of year. Thanks for that!!

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