1. I wish I’d found this during the challenge…it has, however, inspired me to get a package of hankies. :-)

    I already have some cloth pads (Party in my Pants–great stuff!), and I don’t use paper towels, although that’s mostly because I don’t have a convenient way of getting any (they don’t have them at the campus convenience store).

    Cloth toilet paper? Someday. Someday I shall do that. But not while I’m in a dorm that has free toilet paper. :-)

    Now, if someone could just invent a reuseable Q-tip, I’d be all set…

  2. I am with Katie, I wish I had found this during the challenge, but then again, would I have been ready for it a year ago? I already do just about everything on the list and have for a few years now with the exception of handkerchiefs and ‘family cloth’ – though both make total sense to me. Not sure if DH will commit to the latter and re-training the kids might be a challenge in and of itself, but I am certainly willing to try it for myself and had thought about it before but filed it away as being “too extreme”. Since we have a baby coming soon and I will cloth diaper/wipe our new arrival, I think I can successfully incorporated this new challenge into our family lifestyle. I spent a bit yesterday cutting up old receiving blankets for use with the baby, I could certainly cut some more for family use. Not sure about doing #2 yet, but certainly down with #1.
    Thanks for the motivation!

  3. I NEVER USE DISPOSABLES! Forget the months… the only tissue I have in this home is for the toilet. We use cloth towels, cloth napkins, cloth nose tissues and cloth diapers. I also make my own laundry detergent, which is super easy – the most environmental – and CHEAP!

  4. I hope I am not too late to “save the world” – I will gladly give up paper plates/cups and disposible utensils at home, with my g-children – to show them how to clean up their plates and their world at the same time…and later, show them how to do the dishes…lol!

  5. Grils!
    A menstrual cup is clearly a more green alternative.

    I was on a work course about the Environment and our impact on it and what really struck me was how much I contribute to landfill every month. I have never liked tampons or pads, they make me feel irritated and unclean, especially in the summer. Personally, I can tell you I love my MonthlyCup, so I’d always recommend giving it a try. https://www.menstrualcup.com/gb

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