Mile High Mamas Night Out (with fully-clothed swimming)*


  1. OMG this was the most fun ever! I had such a great time with all of these fantastic ladies. I think that we’ll be getting together again very soon!

  2. I had a great time and am so glad that you and Greeblemonkey (and others) captured in on film because it was definitely an evening to remember!

  3. Ha! Love it. So glad we were all able to celebrate the end if summer with a splash, as it were. ;)

  4. That looks like SO MUCH fun. I love the photos, especially the last one! Clearly, the Mile High Mamas are the coolest bloggers going. :)

  5. Gals! The Warwick Denver offered to put me up for a free night upon my next return to Denver. I’m thinking we need to do a repeat. AND. SOON. Anyone with me? ;)

    So much fun partying with you. And all for such an amazing cause! Thanks for donating to OfficeMax’s A Day Made Better campaign and making this a truly meaningful event that will benefit lots of people through awareness and donations!


  6. That looks like so much fun! I also think it’s great about donating school supplies. My hubby works at a school were a lot of the kids can’t afford school supplies, it’s so sad. Also at least in our state and I know Cali school budget cuts are really hurting the teachers and schools. So good for you mamas!

  7. Loved meeting you too, Amy! Looking forward to more crazy times ahead – hopefully, they won’t require swimming in evening attire!

  8. :) Looks like fun! Think I woulda stripped off to my undies ;)

  9. I enjoyed the summary of the evening, and it was so much fun. I hope to write my own account today- I have a bit of a different perspective on it. Glad we got to go swimming together. :-)

  10. Swimming fully clothed is sooo sexy. I like it very much.

  11. OMG, these are MY kind of ladies!!! I too love to go swimming fully clothed, whether with a group of people or by myself. I practically do it almost every day and have met a lot of fun and interesting people that way, I LOVE IT, it’s SO liberating – WOO HOO!!! =-D

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