My one and only – Wordless Wednesday


  1. Glad you got one. I’ve only got one, too, and it’s still on the vine. I probably need to get it before the rabbits do. :)

  2. Congratulations! We didn’t get even one, the poor garden drown in all the excess rain before it even got a chance.

  3. I just stirfry my little eggplant with a melange (love that word) of other veggies from my CSA. Onion and garlic are a must. Splash with soy sauce before serving with brown rice. Great dinner, great side dish. Pretty and you use up all those odds and ends.

    It’s a beautiful eggplant. be proud!

  4. ooh it’s so darn cute.

    sorry about your car window. what a bummer.

  5. It was a bad year in my garden too this year – just wasn’t hot enough most of the season for really good results. There’s always next year! Happy WW

  6. It’s a very pretty little eggplant. =0)

  7. So sweet ;) I’ve had very little success with eggplant growing. I think I need to put them in earlier than I have been.

  8. That is one cute eggplant.

    I made this yesterday too. It was so yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  9. My eggplant in my front yard edible garden did not do too well this Summer with the heat and drought in Central Texas but I have a few. Thanks for the recipe!

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