1. I’m ditching the disposables.
    I’ve been dying to try the Diva Cup, but just never have (usually pregnant or bfing, so don’t need it all that often. Since this is our last baby, though, I’ll need this).

  2. Me, me! Just joined the ditch the disposables thingie. :)

    I’ve been meaning to try the diva cup but… $_$ Once this baby is out, though, i AM going to!

  3. I have a Diva Cup, but would find my life to be TOO MUCH easier if I had a second to swap out with!! :)

  4. I so need this!! Within the past year, I’ve developed an allergy to disposable feminine hygiene products and have been wanting/needing to try this!

  5. Just Followed and Tweeted! @accidentaladvo

  6. I would love to win a Diva Cup! Then I could stop the excuses for why I haven’t switched to it yet =)

  7. I absolutely adore my Diva Cup. Seriously, in spite of the weird reaction many people have to the idea, I find it the most sanitary way to address menstruation. I’m a big fan.

  8. I have used the DivaCup for years now. I was a bit skeeved out at first but after the first few times using it it became no big deal. It’s great for the environment and cheaper on the wallet.

  9. No need for this, because I’ve got one AND I LOVE IT!!! I originally decided to get one prior to embarking on a backpacking adventure with my husband, because of the ridiculous amount of space tampons would take up in my backpack. Then I thought about how much needless waste – plastic wrapping, cardboard box, MORE plastic wrapping, applicator, tampon – I was tossing using disposable products. I’ve been using my Diva Cup for about two years now, and I’m totally besotted with it. Turned a few other women on to them as well!

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