Blog Action Day: Climate Change – Why bother? Here’s why.


  1. I love Michael Pollan. Or, at least, I love his writing. It’s a call to action and inspiring and just rings so true. I am so jealous that you got to see him speak. :)

  2. This is a fabulous post, and soon to be my new favorite blog. I have enjoyed reading many varied posts from conscientious people throughout the world today, and appreciate the spirit that connects us all. My post shares a story about a local N.H. company doing its small part. Thank you so much for your grand vision; I am inspired.

  3. I would be thrilled to help you set up your garden! Just give me a holler online or drop me an email. Yay for fresh veggies!

  4. Great post, I’m def. going to check out some of Pollan’s books.
    For anyone who doubts climate change please read my blog action day post
    Responses to questions and objections on climate change. It’s a good place to send your skeptical friends and colleagues — at least as a starting point for whetting their intellectual appetite to learn more (or, as a quick answer to blog comments).

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