Reducing holiday stress for your kids


  1. I’m concerned with holiday weaning. My toddler is VERY easily distracted and would go all day without nursing if there’s enough distraction. However, this isn’t a good season for weaning, you know? I keep telling myself that since we bedshare, she’ll make up for it at night. Bedsharing has definitely made trips and vacations easier. We don’t have to deal with her struggling to sleep in a new environment because mommy and daddy are her environment.

  2. We bring chamomile tablets AND Rescue Remedy when we’re traveling–it really does help all of us.

    Thanks for posting this, Amy. This is one of my favorite times of the year, but I’m notorious for ridiculously over-scheduling us during November & December. This is an excellent reminder to take it easy. I’m finding that the kids love staying at home and having Mommy & Daddy’s complete attention for a quiet morning 100x more than they like, say, visiting Santa at the mall!

  3. Amy Thanks for the mention! And I love your suggestions for introducing relaxation exercises into kids lives at an early stage. Relaxation CD’s, our own modeling of “slowing down”, etc can make a difference in how they manage stress later on.

  4. Good Idea. Keeping kids on a schedule is always important. However, it does not mean missing out on all the fun and drama the holidays bring. Some of these memories will be with them for the rest of their lives. Keeping a balance of nutritious foods ands sweets is advised, as well as playing with relatives rarely seen is at this special time. Also they will cherish these memories for a lifetime. Happy holidays!

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