First stitches – Wordless Wednesday


  1. I’m so sorry to hear that and I hope he’s feeling better. One of my kids has been glued in that spot (not always on the same side) 3 times. I read that a lot of ER visits are because of coffee tables. I also haven’t had one for years.

  2. AWWWWW poooor baby!!!!!

    Hugs, honey.

  3. I definitely need to rid of my coffee table. Right now its a “climb on me and attempt to jump off” table. Not good for a 16 month old.

  4. I’m so glad it wasn’t more traumatic – for either of you. When my firstborn was about 3-1/2, he got his finger smashed open in the chain of a stationary bike in our apartment’s workout room. He had to have a few stitches, but acted as though it was really no big deal. The thing he commented on was the coldness of the betadyne (sp?) that they soaked his finger in. :) I, on the other hand, was a mess afterwards.

    Oh, and yeah, coffee tables + little ones = bad news… we don’t have one in our house, either.

  5. Ban coffee tables! We actually bought one when Reagan was tiny, and then sold it a month later. What were we thinking? Hence, there is no where to set your drink down at our house. But, we do have stairs for more toddler fun! Can’t get rid of those unfortunately.

    Most of the boys I had crushes on had coffee table scars in the exact same spot. He may not know it now, but it will pay off later!

    Kudos to you for having an iron stomach through the whole thing! I don’t know if I could be so strong.

  6. Oh my gosh! You are brave, let alone him. I would have passed out in the Dr.s office at the sight if it all! Glad he is okay.

  7. Bad coffee table. Julian is a brave young boy. I’m just glad that he did not hurt his eye.

  8. Oh Gosh, so sorry! I know what that feels like as a Mom. Thing is, we hurt more than they do! He’s precious! Happy WW!

  9. OUCH! At least he’s able to smile about, though…

  10. Owch!

    When I was in nursery school, I had a similar injury earned from running face-first into a tree. Oops. It gave me a pretty spectacular black eye, though!

    Happy WW! Hope the little guy heals fast.

  11. oooopsy…. I had my first stitch around the same age!! It’ll get well soon though… :) make sure you put some vitamin E oil after the stitches are removed…

  12. Kids are so resilient. I’m sure that Julian will be fine. It’s the adults who take it much harder.

    I’m sending good thoughts to Julian for a rapid recovery, and good thoughts to the big people for not too much worry. :)

  13. OH NO! I hope he is healing well, he doesn’t look like he’s bothered by it in the least lol It’s amazing how resilient little kids can be! I love that drawing!

  14. Poor baby! I went back to work when my oldest was 2 & my grandparents and my mom would watch him until my hubby got home. One day I got a call at work.
    Mom: what’s your doctors #?
    Me: why?
    Mom: well Tyler fell, he’s ok, but he has a cut in his eyebrow and well, it’s….seeping…
    Me: SEEPING?!

    Yeah, that was great. She took him to the doctor & lucky he didn’t need stiches they just put surgical glue on it. Aw, boys.

    Here’s my wordless if you’d like to stop by:

  15. I’m sorry you had to go through this, but that portrait is awesome. :) I’m glad he’s okay!!

  16. Poor thing! I had the same reaction when Gabe had to get an iv put in. I was fine and calm during, but afterwards I was sick to my stomach and kept stressing about it. I told Josh it felt like ptsd!

    Hope he is feeling better soon!

  17. Yeah, I’ve had a similar reaction with each of my kids’ surgeries. I think we are strong in the moment because our kiddos need us to be strong. Once the adrenaline is gone…the reality hits us.

    I am glad that he is OK and I love Ava’s picture.

  18. Good grief – so sorry to hear that! It’s so hard to see the kids in pain! I’m glad he is ok now.

  19. Poor guy! He looks like he was very brave!

  20. Oh no! Poor little guy. I had visions of stitches last night as my kids were dancing near my mom’s brick fireplace. Thankfully no injuries.

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