1. Oh man, you don’t have to tell me twice to eat the leftovers. In fact, if anyone has that problem, I think I can help out!

  2. Great simple and easy list. I’m doing the shopping today and will keep this stuff in mind.

  3. This year my husband are skipping the travel and big dinner. We’re serving Thanksgiving dinner at a soup kitchen. We’re excited about it actually – much less stressful (and more thankful) than what we orginally planned! :)

    Sadly no leftovers for us. Although I’m considering buying and making a tofurkey out of coureosity…

  4. Yay! I’m already doing most of those! :)

  5. excellent list. great tips for greening. i like #5 – i think a nice mismatched table looks so festive and homey.

  6. “5. Use real plates, glasses, and silverware” That’s exactly what we did, including one of our guests at our non-Thanksgiving celebration bringing some small dessert plates for the cake and mousse.

  7. We did almost all those things- except compost. I have thought about composting, but am unsure how to start & maintain.

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