1. People are more creative when they wrap there gifts now. I believe.

    Coffee is on.

  2. Great ideas!

    We did the crayons for preschool gifts 9 years ago (yikes). Used paper liners and had monster crayons. Love the ornament idea.

    We did felted soap 2 years ago. Very well received. It’s great to take camping or for a gardener because it’s a good scrubbie. The only thing we didn’t like was that the all natural dyes ran when you used them. Oh well, still fun.

    Keep em coming Amy.

  3. I just love when people use recycled and/or upcycled materials to create new and wonderful things… especially for the Holidays!

  4. i recall melting broken crayons and adding a wick… crayon candles.

  5. Just be careful if you start melting crayons. I used to make lots of those. I got seriously nasty headaches! It was a weird sinus thing. Must have been the chemicals.

    If you try it, just do a little bit at a time. :) I actually never did it again because I was so worried about the odd mixture of crayon materials and what it did to my nose. I even wonder if it lead to my strange bout of sinus infections eventually. Yikes!


  6. Thanks for the mention and the link! Glad you enjoyed the penguin light bulb :)

  7. what a fun and inspired list! thanks for sharing. i think these are great for year-round crafting and gifting.

  8. Wow.. just found this.. super cool you linked to me. Thanks!

  9. The homemade crayons are so awesome! I think they are great gifts to hang on the tree, and the kids can even color with them when they are done using them as ornaments. I sure do love that idea!

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