Mint (candy cane) chocolate chip cookies recipe


  1. When we made the cookies we improvised a little. We had no candy canes so we used some spearmint mints. The food processor had a hard time mashing them, so we finally put them in a baggie and whacked them with a it worked the best. But I think they caused them to be very thin but very yummy. I want to know if anybody had problems with their cookies being too thin and what they did? I”m not a very good cook and like this recipe.

  2. sorry, for got to add that we squished with a rolling pin.

  3. We improvised a little with this recipe too and ours also came out a little thin too. Next time I think I will try self raising flour and see how that goes. They still tastes great though!

  4. so whats up u have improved on your recipies nice wotrk

  5. I know this was posted a long time ago, but I thought I’d add a tip since we just tried this recipe for the first time today. The flavor of the cookies was great, but our cookies initially came out very thin as well. On our second try, instead of using a baking sheet, we dropped a teaspoon of dough in each cup of a muffin pan and it seemed to help! It keeps the cookies from spreading out. We didn’t use muffin liners and we didn’t spray the pan – it was fine without it. Happy baking!

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