1. I look forward to seeing what my milk supply will be like when my babe is born. I will definitely donate if I have surplus.

  2. Thanks for this info!

    I actually have 300-400 ounces in my freezer right now. It turns out my 6-week-old is actually one of the very rare babies that cannot digest breastmilk, and has to have a special and very expensive formula. This has been pretty much devastating for me to deal with (I still tear up just writing this), but I pumped for about a month, hoping to find another diagnosis or some way to make nursing work. Now that it’s definitely out, I’m glad to know that there’s a place that wants it and can use it right away.

  3. Thanks! I’ll get the word out. I won’t have milk for about 7 months, but I will keep this in mind for then.

  4. I wish I could donate! I have a good bit in the freezer, but I’m on daily meds for anxiety. I did a lot of private donation after I had my daughter and have done one or two private donations this time around too.

  5. I just dropped off 80oz. to my local milk bank in Sacramento, CA. It was a moment of mixed emotions for me, but so worth it.

  6. In case anyone else was wondering (as I was)…I called HMBANA today to find out if they were taking donations to ship to Haiti, and was informed that there is currently no way to transport breast milk there. I’m praying that a window will open and allow that to happen- but, as you (and the HMBANA rep) pointed out, plenty of milk banks in the US are struggling, to include the Denver bank and banks in Texas as well.

  7. I was wondering about that, so thank you for posting the info regarding donation to Haiti.

  8. I could never imagine what it would be like to have one extra drop of breastmilk. I never had any extra at all.

    But I think it is so wonderful when women who do have surplus donate.

  9. I am a prospective adoptive mom, and I look forward to induced lactation. I only wish that I could produce enough milk to have a surplus to donate.

  10. Author

    Kudos to all of you who have donated or are considering it. :)

    Emily, thanks for sharing the information about donating to Haiti.

  11. To follow up about Haiti, the United States Breastfeeding Committee released a statement and call for breastmilk for the Haitian infants. I’ve posted the press release on my site if you want to take a look. Basically they are asking anyone that can to contact their regional Mother’s Milk Bank to donate the first shipment is getting ready to go out to the U.S. Navy Comfort.

  12. I am looking into becoming a breastmilk donor. There is just one thing bothering me. maybe someone could clear up. I am “donating” my milk and the parents of the baby recieving it are charged such high amounts. Why isnt the milk donated to the parents or charged the processing fee that it took to get the milk to them ?

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