1. Great job Amy! Can’t wait to read the Today Show post!

    Reading over your list I do feel like I was majorly unprepared for something actually going wrong.


  2. Wonderful source of resources for those who are not convinced that a C-section is the way to give birth.

    As I found out, a C-section can have so many more issues involved with it, other than just the surgery.

    Thank you for providing the links to two of my C-section blog posts. I’m glad there is a list of resources for women who are researching this topic.

  3. Terrific list of resources! I am sure to find a few new favorites to add to my blogroll! Thanks, Amy!

  4. Yea, thanks for including me on the big-babies list! I was really happy that our big baby was born healthy and whole and in an uncomplicated and natural vaginal birth. I’m glad we had midwives who never suggested that I would have to have a c-section as a matter of caution. Mikko even had a nuchal arm, but I didn’t have any difficulties with that, either.

    I really appreciated your response on the TodayMoms blog, too, and thanks for these compiled resources.

  5. I had a VBAC homebirth on January 1, 2010. My wee one was big, but not BIG (8 lbs 13 oz) but he did have two nuchal hands…

  6. Great resource! Thanks so much Amy. I’m going to bookmark it for future clients.

  7. What a fabulous list of resources, so pleased to be a part of it! And so important to mention that ultra sounds estimations of size are often way out… despite being scanned 3 days before his birth no one picked that he would be ‘big’. His weight was estimated at 3.8kgs (sorry no idea in pounds) and he was actually 800grams heavier!

  8. Thanks for posting my Big Baby Bull page! :)
    I hope that moms learn that they have a CHOICE and get information and use their intuition to choose what is best for them!

  9. Thanks for including me. I also agree that ultrasounds can’t really tell the size of the baby. Peggy was an SUA baby, I was getting regular ultrasounds and stress tests at the end. Everyone was surprised when she came out looking like a 2 month old at least! Because of the SUA, we were expecting a much smaller baby. A lot of moms with this condition are told that they will need to be induced early, or have a csection because of stress on the baby or the cord. This may be true in some cases, but Peggy was 2 1/2 weeks overdue. I had a great doctor though, who scoffed at the idea that I would have to have a csection because of the SUA.
    Thanks again for letting me share!

  10. Amy, Thanks for including me on your list! I’d also like to add my sweet home birth after cesarean babe to your big baby list. My ‘little’ man was 9lbs 10oz with a nuchal hand (hand was up by his face.) His birth story can be read at http://vbacfacts.com/hbacbirth.

  11. you are just plain awesome! my sis was 9 1/2 lbs born at home.

  12. Our local news just did a really interesting segment on maternal death. It seems that CA has a higher than average maternal death rate (I think average meaning the average for the USA) and the doctors attributed this in large part to the number of c-sections that we do. The particular doctor who was interviewed from the research team said CA does WAY too many c-sections and that that, combined with an increasingly obese population (which I guess is something that makes OBs want to do c-sections?) is the cause.

    I hope the OBs here will take that to heart!

  13. My little Tommy wasn’t so little, 12 pounds 4 oz., and I gave birth to him in my kitchen!
    If only the Today show would have been here to do that live birth!

  14. I’ll add my sweet Annie to the bunch. 10 pounds & born naturally with one long push. She was way easier than my 8 pound, 5 ounce baby boy!

  15. I don’t have a blog, but wanted to chime in! I gave birth to a 9lbs 9oz baby girl two years ago through vaginal birth. She was two weeks late too. Never once my doctor, or the doctor who delivered the baby mentioned c-section. Not that I would agree, but still, I am thankful to them for keeping my mind clear of such thoughts. Unfortunately, such doctors will never have their time on Today Show.

  16. another good one Amy. So glad you’re always on it!

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