1. I completely agree. I have been doing some research into chemicals in cosmetics and sunscreens and it is absolutely ridiculous. I have started to switch over beauty products to organic ones in hopes of a decreased amount of chemicals in my body.

  2. I have read postings like this on several blogs including one that had a picture that showed the similarity in colors of Pinesol and Gatorade and I must say that it was quite disturbing. As a Green parent it is important to me that I know there is nothing in my house that can harm my children. A few years back I made the switch to making my own household cleaners from non toxic solutions. Then a few years later when the trend started to pick up, we can now purchase affordable, Green cleaning solutions online and in stores to save us time!

    We really need to make more of an effort to learn what’s going on in our environment and in our home and try to further our efforts to not only protect our kids from harmful chemicals, but to also lesson our family’s carbon footprint. Switching to Green cleaning supplies is a great way to do just that.

    Ps.. for those of you who were interested, they sell some effective and cheap Green cleaners at http://www.greeneutopia.com . The site also had some really great info on new green issues, tips and trends for those of you looking to further your efforts. I hope this resource helps out you and yours!

    Go green!

  3. One of the reasons I use and sell Shaklee is because of their strict testing they do on all the raw ingredients in their products. They then test the product after production to make sure that it is still safe and that nothing was added or changed during the making. I know that ALL of the products are completely safe for my family.

    Just a note to those that choose to make your own cleaners. Just becuase you are making them at home does not make them safe. Please do your research on each ingredient that you are using. Many people use things like bleach or fels naptha. These products are not healthy to be using. Don’t assume that because you are making your cleaners at home that they are safe!!!

  4. Right on. We MUST be aware. Here’s a great short video to learn more: “Unmasked: The Truth About Cosmetics” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQYxkMVexo0

    Watch it, share it and vote for it (with the link on the Youtube page) to support the work :)

  5. A lot of the government regulating bodies have tried to expand the list(s) of hazardous chemicals in the US. OSHA (the workplace safety organization) was ready to introduce a whole new system back in the 1970s. The FDA, USDA, EPA, and others have also tried. Usually, the industries/companies get wind of this, complain and lobby to “their” congressman (I mean come on, I contribute to campaigns sometimes, but not millions…), and then Congress says, “No, you are over-stepping your boundaries. We need less regulation for business to thrive in the US!” And ta da, the chemical regulations haven’t been updated in the US for decades.

    Canada has a pretty decent system (had an environmental chemistry professor who was from Canada and explained their system – I trust him). Check out their government regulations and banned chemicals/products for a reasonable place to start. The skin deep database of the ECW can very intimidating for people who want to get the worst out, but aren’t willing or able to eliminate everything.

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