Preparing for a Wedding vs. Preparing to Give Birth – How Much Time Do You Invest?


  1. OK but she didn’t spend 15 months in classes for her wedding, and most of the 15 months or preparation was done independantly. I would say most people prepare for the birth of a child for roughly 8 months (some more if it was a planned birth). During the time a woman is pregnant (at least all the women I know) spoke with other moms and moms to be, visited chat rooms, read books, did research. So while I don’t think 12 weeks is to long to spend preparing for the birth of a child it would depend on what the course was for 12 weeks for me to want to sign up. I didn’t get to take a child birth prep class (the one available before my child was born was full and the next one wasn’t for several months after her birth) and I probably would have loved a 12 week long course, but I would be curious to know what would be covered over 12 weeks and how.

  2. Good point, childbirth is much more important than a wedding.

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