1. I’m glad you made the best decision for yourself and if anyone can raise awareness and work with BlogHer, you can! I hope everything we all are doing will change things for next year, so this isn’t an issue.

  2. What a difficult decision to make-i think you made the right one. Going to BlogHer and talking openly about your dilemma. You are raising awareness-you enlightened me! Have a fab time.

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  4. ick i didn’t know this at all. i used to work down the street from the headquarters and have been there several times for lunch. they seem to do a lot for their employees, like healthy lunches, free gym… oh well.

  5. I just found your blog and I am so grateful for this!

    I’m planning to attend BlogHer ’11, my first BlogHer conference, and part of the reason I’m waiting is because I really, really, really hope to see more healthy/green advertising, products and sponsorship by then.

    I’ve sent BlogHer (what I think is) a great list of potential green sponsors and would love to do whatever I can to help make this happen.

    Of course, I know there is much involved in this process and BlogHer likely would prefer to handle things a particular way, which I understand. I just ((really hope)) I can be of assistance, in whatever way possible, to help make this happen.

    So please let me know if there’s anything you know of, that I can do to help with this.

    Keep up the ((great)) blog!

  6. I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but on the side of your blog under the Google Ads you should notice that you are actually advertising for Nestle. This shows up:

    “Nestlé Good Start
    The Only Infant Formula Enhanced with Probiotic Natural Cultures.

    I just find it slightly humorous/ironic that amidst your boycotting you are actually perpetually advertising.

    Best of luck with your “boycott”.

  7. I went through the list of Nestle foods and discovered that I actually don’t eat any of their food. I was boycotting them and didn’t even know it!

    I do use their cat food to feed my cats and I don’t expect to switch any time soon. Fancy Feast is the best of what is out there in terms of wet food. I have tried other brands that meet my requirements for ingredients and the cats just won’t eat them. In terms of dry cat food – I will reconsider putting them back to 100% Iams.

  8. I know they also used to and maybe still do provide free formula as a “benefit” to their factory workers so they can return to work faster. Contandina Tomatoes used to be owned be Nestle and the workers at the factory got free formula as part of maternity benefits.

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    I went through the list of Nestle foods and discovered that I actually don’t eat any of their food. I was boycotting them and didn’t even know it!

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