1. good job! i canned applesauce too! and apple butter; my neighbor has a Braeburn tree. i’ve also lightly steamed and frozen a few bags of kale and chard, saved quite a few seeds so far, and when the tomatos and tomatillos are ready to harvest i’ll can them in various forms (sauces, salsa, etc).

    oh, i also dried german chamomile for tea, and lemongrass which i whizzed in the blender and can throw into thai-ish dishes. i’ve got cucumbers and zucchini as well i’m eating like crazy, the carrots are tiny but delicious, and i’m planning on canning a few types of mixed pickled vegis. of course as the tomatos grow i throw the ones touching the ground into used leftover pickle juice and they pickle raw in the fridge quickly, so we’ve already been through a few jars of green tomato pickles. they go astoundingly well with beer ;)

  2. I’ve canned peaches and pears, and I’m pickling cucumbers in a vat in my garage right now. I’ve also frozen vast quantities of blueberries. I just can’t stop with those while they’re in season.

    Happy preserving!

  3. Author

    Erica – Sounds great! And yes, he’s huge. I can’t believe my baby turns 4 in November!!

    Momnivores Dilemma – I didn’t have much of a garden this year either because we moved mid-summer.

    Amber – so jealous that you have blueberries growing near you. I wish we did in CO!

  4. You are so lucky to be close to pick-your-own farms. I only have one where I live and that’s for strawberries in the beginning of the season. I would definitely freeze some peaches for smoothies. And make some peach salsa and peach bread. You are going to have great winter!

  5. I’ve been busy putting up applesauce, pears, pickles, beats, apple jelly, plums… lots of work! I’ve never done dilly beans before… mmmm sounds yummy :)

  6. I long for fall weather! It was around 90 today, I cannot wait!

  7. Life is so much bigger than our blogs. And ain’t that grand! Such lovely pictures of fall harvest and winter stashes! Lucky gal!


  8. it looks amazing!now i live in israel where it is almost impossible to have such garden (this country is more like a desert), so i am jelaous but in a good way)

  9. Very nice. I really like fruit and vegetables canned at home but I really have no time at all to spend in the kitchen. I have to buy them, and well, it is not the same. I am jealous, too! Nevertheless, keep up the good work, your kids are going to love it!

  10. Love this Amy! I’m in California, so I get a decent amount of variety from my CSA throughout the winter, but I spent the weekend making pesto & tomato sauce, and trying to figure out what I need to order more of now to make sure we make it through the winter with onions, garlic, and squash. We’ll see how well it works . . .

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