1. You look so cute in that Batgirl costume! I love that your mom dressed up, too. That must have been so cool.

    We aren’t doing a swap this year, but there’s nothing much to buy for my girls’ costumes. Suzi (3) wants to be a kangaroo, same as last year, and will probably dress as a witch one night too. I am going to let Ivey (1) be a black cat. I’ll probably mostly use black clothes they already have, and all I’ll have to do is make a cat ear headband, a little tail, and a witch hat. I really want to sew witch hats but it may end in disaster. We’ll see. If everything works out, I’ll sew myself a witch hat too and wear it with my Darling Mummy “frequent flyer” t-shirt :-) So excited for Halloween!

  2. My son has used the same costume for 3 years now. Yoda. My husband dresses as a Jedi (as do I) and when he gets tired, the costume fits over the carrier to be worn on my husbands back and it looks like the scene where Yoda is riding on Luke while training him in the Jedi ways. This year I found him a Vader costume second hand, so the Yoda will move on to my younger son. Some people ask if it is boring to dress as the same thing every year. But it is what my son wants, so we do it!

  3. What a great resource! We already bought our son’s costume at a consignment store but I’ll definitely be looking into this next year when he may be exhibiting an actual preference and not want one of the 3 costumes for sale in his size :)

  4. Awwww you look so cute!

    Thanks for the mention. I’d love to see some more Colorado folks join the group this year!

  5. My sister said she just swapped costumes with one of her friends. She got a nurse costume she’s going to remake into a Frankenstein nurse (her husband is going to wear a toolbelt and a doctor costume he already has) and gave her friend a witchy/gyspy dress she’s worn more than once.

    As for me, I’m shopping my closet for costume pieces. I’m going to wear a brown skirt upside down, put a scarf on my head and go as Little Edie from Gray Gardens.

  6. That is seriously a great way to make save money and be frugal. I might look into creating some noise for it on my end of the US. Go green

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