1. Thank you for this article – and beautiful pictures. I remember my mother used to pick up trash wherever we were. I find myself torn at times between picking it up now – because I know its the right thing to do – and leaving it – because I don’t know what kind of (disease-ridden-I’m-a-germaphobe) trash it is…
    But for my children’s sake – I think they should see me picking up more trash in our environment, out in our shared world, not just recycling in our own house.

  2. Gorgeous pictures Amy. How awful that you find trash all the way out there. :(

    And well said! Will pass it on.

  3. When I was small, my older sister started the JA Club. She, my little brother & I all share the same initials & the point of our club was to make the world a better place. We started picking up trash and Ivatill do it all these years later!

  4. Yep, glad it rubbed off on you and, will, hopefully, rub off on my grandchildren also.I am still doing it…can’t stand to see it and will pick plastic bottles and aluminum cans out of trash cans for recycling. If everyone did it, this world would be a very beautiful place. Take latex gloves and a bag with you on your walks. It’s not enough to clean up after yourself, someone has to clean up after the litterbugs, unfortunately. And it’s us!

  5. Thanks for the pictures of St. Mary’s – I grew up in Colorado and miss it!

    My mom has picked up trash on her walks for as long as I’ve known her (and probably longer). :) She found $50 once, and recently found a $5 bill.

    I pick up trash now, too, and my 4 year old son is picking up the habit. The latex gloves are a great idea! Thanks!

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