1. Great article Amy, you covered the issue more in depth than I had time for. I’m bookmarking your article as a reference for the future. Thanks for linking to my article on Greenwala.com.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow – I honestly didn’t know about lead in holiday lighting (or any string lighting for that matter). While I don’t yet have children, I do have a kitten that likes to eat just about anything. Luckily he hasn’t chewed many cords (just one) but I still can’t help but think that he often does play with them and has them in his mouth – maybe more so than a child may. I wonder what damage this is causing my kitty :(

    This year we’re not really having a Christmas so no lights – that and I’d like to upgrade to LED’s. I’ll definitely think more on this and try to find ones that are safer before purchasing!

  3. there is a place by me that delivers trees roots and all in a container and then they pick them back up after Christmas and replant them.

    You should look into this!

  4. “Live and learn and then learn some more.”

    This what we should all live by and as long as we do this we are never “crappy” parents even if we make mistakes.

    It is horrifying to think that the decorations we use can harm our wee ones. I am just glad there are more and more people that are aware and spreading the word! :)

  5. Thanks for this great article and your thorough look into this issue. I particularly liked the harsh but very humorous title :-) !

  6. I was so torn on the tree for awhile. I grew up with real ones, but I just can’t get behind the idea of cutting down a living creature just so I can decorate my house. It seems wrong somehow. Besides if you use the same tree for 20+ years I imagine that’s probably better for the environment then cutting down a new one each year. And even if you bought potted ones to plant-where would you plant them all? Eventually you’d run out of space.

    Anyway, we ended up with a beautiful fake tree and I haven’t regretted it at all. Plus then you don’t have to tangle with all those lead filled light strands each year!

  7. Hi Amy,

    I’m new to your blog and just wanted to say that I love what you’re doing and the topics you are covering. We need many more people like you out there!

    Happy Holidays!

  8. What about the “rope lights” that are encased in a plastic tube?

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