1. Wouldn’t the real green thing be to skip gift giving completely? Or to not give things but rather certificates or things made yourself?

  2. Author

    Good point, Kim. I forgot to add in my post about giving kids the gift of experiences, not just stuff. Of course, homemade gifts also go without saying. I figure sometimes those things take more time to plan/make, so they might not go on a “last minute” gift guide. Thanks!

  3. The people who started this company are trying to use the money to save wildlife in Alaska! Really great company to support if you are green. They sell the The Microlite, tiny LED light that illuminates your remote control so you can actually read it in the dark. It looks really high tech too, but is only $10 or three for $19.99. Great for kids who game in the dark too, or can use it anywhere you need light like above your front door keyhole.

  4. most people i know (aside from my roommate, who will be getting a case of TP!!) are getting home canned goods from me, or things i can re-gift. i’m simply too cheap to do gift buying!!!

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