Thank you for the past six years


  1. Congrats on your 6 yr blogiversary! I love you to pieces and am so happy to call you friend. You have made a big difference in countless lives I’m sure and make a wonderful difference in mine. Loves and hugs!

  2. Congratulations, Amy, on your milestone! As I’m trying to research and muster the courage to dive into the blogisphere, your apparent love for what you share and your success inspire me.

  3. My how the time flies by! I remember you long before Julian came into the world and your blog was on Blogspot! You’ve come a long way!

  4. Happy six years, Amy! Thanks for being so committed to educating and advocating. I’m grateful to know you!

    (PS – When I saw the title to this post, I thought it might be a “goodbye” post. SO GLAD it’s not!)

  5. Happy, happy blogiversary! Wishing you 6 more years of writing passion.

  6. Congratulations, Amy!

  7. I remember reading you way back in 2006 probably, on the old blogger blog you had. Why does that not seem so long ago… but it so is?? I’ve always loved your blog, Amy.

    Happy 6 years!


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