1. My youngest is rather freshly weaned, and she still considers nursing once in a while… as in once a week or less she considers it, but since she tries so little it’s no longer comfortable for me.

    She lasted longer than my other two and was far more reluctant to wean. They self weaned at about 18 months each. My youngest was still going strong at 2 years. I gave her more of a nudge than the others, as I was ready to be done by that point. Still, we came to a good agreement on it in the end and had a fairly peaceful weaning.

  2. I don’t remember the last time either of my older boys nursed. I do remember the date when I thought that my oldest son was going to be done nursing (around 18 months), and I felt like it was a result of my pregnancy. That date was May 10, 2007. I don’t remember the actual dates though.

    Both of my boys weaned very gradually. It was so slowly and gradually I didn’t even feel it happening. I never felt sad. I wasn’t engorged. I didn’t feel like I was missing a tool to be able to parent them. It just felt right, and I am so glad I had that opportunity.

    You said that you liked knowing the date that Hannah’s weaning happened. I actually like not knowing. I like that it wasn’t a big deal for them or me. It was natural, gradual, and just something that happened when they were ready. :-)

  3. Like you, I kept wondering, will this be the last one. And now, I can’t even remember which feed it was… I really should do something like blog to remember these things! ;)

    I weaned at 16mths for both kids – both for medical reasons. One was antibiotics that gave my son a chronic yeast infection and the second was chronic EXTREME mastitis! SO sad to wean them both, esp my last. I ADORE nursing my babies!

    HUGS to you as you say goodbye to one of the most precious times of our lives!

  4. My oldest nursed for the last time when his baby brother was about a week old. He was three years and not-quite-three months. It had been a very gradual process and at the time it seemed like a perfect ending. In retrospect I wish I had held on a little longer (it was me that made the final push to finish) and done it at a time when I was less emotional from birth and nursing a newborn.

    My second is now 15 months old. He is much less attached to nursing than his brother was, so my “goal” with him is 2 years. I hope it will be longer, as he is very likely my last baby, but we will have to see how he decides to do things.

  5. I struggled to nurse my eldest and had to top up with formula almost from birth, so I was over the moon when my efforts paid off and my second son took to nursing like a champion :-)

    I knew that my nursing career would likely come to an end when I returned to work when he was just over four months old, and alas my milk dried up within weeks.

    I don’t remember the exact date but I remember the feeling of transition – bidding a soft farewell to one great stage and welcoming in the next one. You can read about it at http://blogs.parent24.com/veggietots/betwixt-and-bet-wean

  6. As I type this I’m nursing baby #4…and sad to know that he is very likely my last baby…I thought about it all thru the pregnancy but until I read this post I never thought about what the last weaning would be like….and now I’m a little sad at even the thought of it!

  7. Weaning was really hard for me because breastfeeding was a challenge. I spent months dealing with a low milk supply, thrush, cracked nipples, latch problems – you name it. So successfully nursing without the use of a supplemental nurser or hourly pumping was so amazing that I never wanted to stop. Unfortunately, at about 20 months, my son had other ideas. He pretty much weaned himself but I feel like I might have done it for forever!

  8. I’ve always been a little wistful that I did not know the “last time” when it happened, with either of my children. They both just sort of stopped on their own, going to just mornings, and then skipping a day here and there, and then one day I just realized it had been almost a week, and it was done.

    My kids are 6 and 8 now…but while I absolutely could NOT put my body through another pregnancy, I really genuinely miss breastfeeding. To the point where I’m almost in tears reading your post and writing this response…

    It’s a beautiful thing.

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