Plastic Wrapped Bananas: Guest Post


  1. My six year old son just saw the picture and said, “Who ever invented that is a weirdo, huh Mom?”

    I think that sums it up!


  2. I wrote about the plastic wrapped bananas a while ago too, because they’re just so ridiculous. It’s really not that hard to buy just one banana if that’s all you want. It would at least work for convenience stores if not for vending machines.

    Overpackaging gets really ridiculous these days. I really detest the little 100 calorie packages of foods. I know they help if you aren’t so good at self control, but they’re still a ridiculous amount of packaging for a small amount of food. People could do much better to make their own 100 calorie packages and reuse the packaging. Doesn’t even take that long, and you can include healthier options than what most those snacks are anyhow.

  3. It’s funny that I read this today. I noticed plastic packaged “sweet potato spears” at the grocery store today, which my husband and I had a good laugh at while I chopped sweet potatoes for supper. (which took me all of about seven minutes…)

    Also, I have a HUGE bag of styrofoam pieces in my storage room that I can’t quite bring myself to throw out. There has to be some use for it somewhere…

    Good post!

  4. Oh that is just crazy! Talk about wasting the enviroment, it is easier just to get one of those banana boxes which you can use over and over again to protect your banana

  5. Packaging drives me bananas (har-har)!!! But are they serious about baggied bananas????

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  7. Nice post we all love to eat and drink healthy but its too bad that u cant get anywhere good post to read about it. Keep it!

  8. First time I read about this thing.
    & in future this will become very popular, as you mention that easy to take this.
    thanks for the post.

  9. i’ve already stopped buying bananas completely due to the carbono footprint (then again, i live in the US PNW, not australia).

  10. Yeah. That’s really weird. If there’s anything that doesn’t need packaging, it’s a banana. Built-in package included!

    Maybe if we could get Del Monte to EMAIL bananas, we could get on the right track.;-)

  11. Hmm.. I can see how this may be useful. when hungry underwater.. yep, there it is :-)

    – tork

  12. i think we should all do as the german’s have done. when i was living there- you only had one trash barrel that would be picked up. so you would literally see people unwrapping certain products with excessive packaging and leaving it on the shelf for the store to discard of. stores were also fined if they had too much packaging- so they stopped carrying the brands that had too much until they reduced their packaging. sadly, the only solutions these days must be related to money. but they are effective.

  13. GREAT post!!!!!! I agree with you on the people being inept and not being able to chop celery, and also the microwave packaging. There has got to be a better way!

  14. If I still lived in California, with a lower water content in the air, I would likely agree with you. Instead, I live in Washington where we almost never dry out.
    So when I buy bananas at Costco on Saturday afternoon by Sunday afternoon I’ve got fruitflys and by Tuesday morning they’re starting to go slimey bad. I go grocery shopping once a week, if not once a month. (I buy bulk and freeze fruit, vegetables, and meat and buy bulk whole grains and beans)
    Costco started carrying plastic wrapped bunch bananas a couple months ago and I like it. It extends the life of my bananas by at least a week. It’s Thursday today and the bananas that I bought this last Saturday are still just starting to get little brown spots.
    Once the bunch is gone, I either reuse the bag for something else or I recycle it.
    Now would I buy a single banana wrapped in plastic? Why would I? I have a perfectly good bunch sitting on my counter.

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