1. Another option (and your dyed eggs are beautiful by the way) is to raise chickens that produce eggs in lovely colors. We have 4 hens that currently lay brown, sky blue and olive, and just got 2 chicks this week, one of which will lay dark chocolate brown eggs and the other white. Our egg bowl is gorgeous every morning – wish I could post a pic!

  2. After reading this post for a few years in a row now, I think this will be the year that I finally try it! Now I guess I’ll have to go find some white eggs…

  3. WOW!! This an amazing post. I just got some paint online from school surplus for the kids. Will definitely try it an out.

    Thanks for sharing and I shared this on my facebook profile.


  4. Nice post we all love to eat and drink healthy but its too bad that u cant get anywhere good post to read about it. Keep it!

  5. You need a button to print this page :) I want to add this to my easter binder with my other natural egg dyeing articles.

  6. Do you think gentian violet might also work? it sure does stain my fingers and would be a pretty blue/purple~

  7. What a fantastic idea, I will definitely be trying this ASAP !

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