1. The preschool my son went to and that my daughter now attends is unique in that the parents don’t always drop the kids off and come back later.

    Instead, one day a week, we stay in the parents room while the children are in the classroom, and are led in a discussion on development and normal behavior of the age of the class. Not only is it immensely comforting to know that certain behaviors are normal, we’ve all become a tight group. There to help each other out, there to lean on each other, to offer support without judgement.

    I didn’t learn of the program until my son was 4 (my daughter started at 2) and I wish I would have had it in those difficult years. Having a support network makes all the difference when it comes to managing stress.

  2. This makes SO MUCH SENSE to my life right now! This week (OK month) has been rough and the first thing I do is throw my attention into the baby and hunt out mama friends on my computer and my phone. Much different response than my husband, who is prone to leaving the baby with me and fleeing the scene.

    Thanks for this post – makes me feel a lot more normal.

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