Just call me the goat doula


  1. Amy – I am involved with the documentary film, BIRTH STORY: INA MAY GASKIN & THE FARM MIDWIVES. The film will be released on April 30th on DVD and online. I would love for you to see the film and consider letting your readers know it. I would be happy to provide you a way to view the film in advance, online or on DVD.
    View the trailer at: birthstorymovie.com/trailer
    Contact me to review the film or interview the filmmakers for your blog: amy@birthstorymovie.com

  2. I found this post so moving! And I laughed out loud at the “goat doula” part. :) One of the reasons I opted for a natural birth was after considering how the animal kingdom all did it naturally in the wild- so why couldn’t I? I just love your blog, and would really be thrilled to feature a guest post if you allow it. I work for Humble Seed (humbleseed.com) and we specialize in non-GMO, organic seeds for home gardeners and businesses. I love writing posts about getting children involved in the garden! Let me know if this is something you’re interested in. :)

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