1. I love this story!!! We will have to try this – sounds wonderful.

  2. Oh, so cute!

    We have a light sussex that *frequently* goes broody. I really wanted to get her some eggs or chicks last summer (it’s winter here now), but I do plan to next summer. I’ve talked to my kids about the fact that we’d have to (gulp) eat some of them, but could probably keep too. They seem okay with it, so far.

    I would love them to get to experience that full cycle of life. And, well, I’d like to just hold the cute chicks myself too :)

  3. That’s a lovely story, Amy. We’re currently housesitting for friends and that includes minding 10 chickens. I notice one of them is quite broody and I’m having to lift her off eggs every day. She’ll sit on as many as she can. There are no roosters so there aren’t any fertile eggs. Perhaps she feels her biological chicken clock ticking.

  4. My mom did the same thing with her backyard hens and it was so much fun caring for and holding the chicks! Unfortunately she had to move and re-home all of her chickens. I miss them!

  5. Oh they are so much fun. I miss when we lived in the county and had chickens and peacocks in the back yard. These birds are so territorial and so much fun to watch their little antics.

  6. Thanks for great story about hatching baby chickens, I learn something new:)

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