1. I found that to be an important post too, as my daughter dreams big–and I want her to. Several weeks ago she told me she was making a pair of wings (along with a little tail feather) so she could fly. She even tied a string to herself so she wouldn’t float away. I hadn’t read that article yet and did tell her that it was hard for humans to fly, but when she went outside and tried to take off and didn’t, she was still upset and disappointed. However, it did make for a great social studies/science lesson the next day. We read about the Wright brothers and watched documentaries about human flight, the evolution of aircraft, and hang-gliding.

    I think it’s important to let our kids dream big because if we tell them they are foolish to have these childhood dreams, like flying or becoming a movie star, they may grow up to tell *themselves* they are foolish for having dreams that very well could come true if they believe in themselves and try hard. Amazing things that DO happen, like getting into that really prestigious university, becoming a doctor or a lawyer, running a marathon, having a homebirth, traveling the world… Or maybe they WILL become movie stars! Heck, somebody’s got to do it! When I think of all the things I’ve talked myself out of even trying for, it makes me really sad, and I definitely want my kids to just go for it. Better to risk a little embarrassment than to risk never knowing how awesome you really are.

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    Thanks for sharing that, Jenny. That’s such a great example of a big dream! We try so hard to protect our kids from disappointment, but you are right – it could totally backfire and we don’t want them to believe they are foolish for having those big dreams. Think of all of the things that never would have happened/been invented if it weren’t for someone’s big dreams either as a child or an adult.
    Keep on being awesome! :)

  3. thank you for sharing my post, amy! :)

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