How I treated my daughter’s tooth pain/abscess naturally

I don’t think it’s a secret that I lean toward natural remedies when dealing with my and my children’s health. I believe that Western medicine has it’s place and we as a family use pharmaceuticals as well as natural remedies, but I prefer to look to alternative medicine first.

Two weeks ago on a Thursday evening, my daughter (9) began experiencing tooth pain in one of her baby teeth. By Friday morning, she was in a lot of pain. I started treating her with a remedy I knew could help with tooth pain — oil pulling with coconut oil. I also diluted some clove oil with coconut oil and applied that to and around the tooth. Clove oil is good for numbing.

At that point, I turned to social media — Twitter in this case — to ask if anyone had other ideas for natural techniques for treating tooth pain in a child. My friend Sara sent me a link to Everything about Essential Oils — Tooth Conditions. In addition to the clove oil, I added a Protective Blend and Melaleuca to the mix.

Natural remedies

After taking a closer look inside my daughter’s mouth, I discovered she had an abscess next to her tooth which is likely where the pain was actually coming from. I texted with a few other natural mama friends and came up with a plan to treat it.

In addition to using the essential oils, I also applied activated charcoal to the abscess and headed to the store for goldenseal root tea. The tea bags are heated in water, then applied to the abscess to help draw out the infection. Unfortunately Vitamin Cottage was experiencing supply issues with the tea, so I asked in the vitamin department what I could use to achieve the same effect. The employee directed me to goldenseal in capsules, which we decided I could brew with water, dip cotton balls in and apply to the abscess similarly as I would have with a tea bag. She suggested I give Ava probiotics as well, which I already had at home. She then told me how great she thought it was that I was treating my child’s issue at home and not immediately rushing her off to the doctor/dentist. I told her as long as it was improving, I didn’t see a need to rush to the dentist. She has dental anxiety anyway thanks to a terrible experience we had with a dentist in the past, so if we can avoid seeing one, all the better.

Once the abscess ruptured and began draining, I encouraged Ava to swish a hydrogen peroxide/water solution to clean it. We also kept up with the essential oils.

Approximately 24 hours after I discovered the abscess and began treating it, her mouth looked so. much. better. And the pain dissipated long before that.

I took a before and after picture which is a little graphic and kind of gross, but it’s really amazing to see the difference. Just a little bit of redness remained.

Tooth abscess - before and after

It’s kind of amazing to me that natural remedies such as these are available, yet they aren’t widely known. Many people assume doctors are the only ones who can treat an issue, but there are many cases where illnesses and other issues can be treated at home. Google is an amazing resource and social media is pretty awesome too.

I am not sure what our trip to the dentist would have involved, but I am glad we were able to avoid the possible intervention and anxiety that may have taken place, not to mention the monetary cost that would have been involved.


If you want to learn more about treating dental abscesses naturally, this was a helpful resource for me. And here is more information about the benefits of goldenseal.
Also, if you are interested in learning more about essential oils, you are read more on my Essential Oils page.

Have you used alternative medicine to treat yourself or your children? Leave me a comment and let me know what worked for you!

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5 thoughts on “How I treated my daughter’s tooth pain/abscess naturally

  1. My mom experienced having abscess one time and aside from oil pulling my mom used antiperspirant powder and it only take six to eight hours but I still love this content, it’s new to me and I’ll remember this. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I quite recently learned about doTERRA and essential oils and I am amazed at the power of them and how great a resource they are. This blog is just another reason why I will take the natural way first! Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the article! My son is experiencing bad tooth pain. After going to the dentist the other day, we found there may be an infection around the roots or in other words an abscess. We were given the regular prescription which we are avoiding at all costs. I hate the whole, “If it works, it was an infection” speech! As a society we have been trained to go directly to a doctor and take whatever he gives without question. Not only that, we are made to feel like abusive parents if we DO NOT give the antibiotic! My 6 year old has NEVER had an antibiotic and I don’t intend to start now! Any more information would be GREATLY appreciated as we try to battle this new problem. I can do ears, but have never had an issue with teeth!

  4. Thank you so much for this tip and the vote of confidence. My 6 year old son has recurring abscesses with a problem tooth that was damaged when he was younger. To date he has not had anti biotics and we have treated homeopathically but I am looking for something I can try first at home as soon as I notice it flaring up again. Can’t wait for this tooth to fall out!

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