Hey, good lookin’

Last night after dinner, Ava was playing in our backyard while I sat at the dining room table. I watched her as she sprayed some water from a spray bottle onto her hands. She rubbed them together and acted like she was washing them. Then she sprayed some more water onto her hands and fluffed up her hair. She walked up to the screen door and said to me, “Do I look so good?”

Cracked me right up. :)

Tiny tub for two

bubble bath

The other night I tried to sneak away from Jody and the kids for a nice relaxing bubble bath. I didn’t fill anyone in on my plans, just quietly left the room and went to fill the tub, hoping they wouldn’t notice I was gone.

Our bathroom has two doors – one from the hallway (which has a lock) and one from our bedroom (which does not have a lock). I filled the tub while pouring in some Juniper Breeze bath bubbles, and locked the hallway door, trying to pro-actively deter a potentially curious preschooler.

Just as I stepped into the water, I heard curious preschooler, AKA Ava, trying to open the hallway door. Foiled! I then heard her run to the bedroom to try the other door. Hmmph. Guess she wouldn’t be as easily deterred as I’d hoped. I quickly pulled the shower curtain closed hoping maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t realize I was hiding behind it. Ha! Who am I kidding?

She opened the door, threw open the shower curtain, and saw the bubbles in the tub. Her face lit up and she immediately asked, with a huge smile on her face, “Can I get in?!” *Sigh* I tried to explain that Mommy wanted to take a relaxing bath ALONE, but she was so enthralled with the bubbles, I could see there would be no putting her off. I let her get in the tub with me.

Our tub, which is already too small for my liking when I’m in it alone, felt even more cramped with the two of us occupying every square inch.

I hadn’t yet given up the idea of getting a little relaxation time in, so I tried my best to recline while Ava played in the water at my feet. After a few minutes, Ava asked me why I had wanted to take a bath alone. I wanted to shout, “Isn’t it obvious?!” but I restrained myself like a good mommy (at least this time) and instead simply said, “because I wanted to relax.” She said, “You can’t relax now.” Which, of course, begged the question, “Why not?” Without missing a beat she replied, “because I’m in here!”

Indeed, Ava. Indeed. ;)

“The things they say” – breastfeeding carnival

tandem nursing 7/15/07

The topic of the July Carnival of Breastfeeding is “The things they say.” This refers to the funny, strange, uninformed, and otherwise interesting things that people (including our own kids) have said to us about breastfeeding. :)


A few months before Ava was born, my mom – who breast-fed all three of her children – asked me if I was going to start rubbing a towel on my nipples to toughen them up in preparation for breastfeeding. Yikes! I hadn’t thought of doing that! Is that the kind of advice they gave out in the ’70s? I’m glad I was taking a breastfeeding class at the time. The instructor clarified for me that there is no reason to toughen up your nipples. You might be sore while first learning to breastfeed, but if baby is latched on properly, it should not hurt.


My mother-in-law once told me she heard that breastfeeding women shouldn’t eat chocolate. *GASP* Thank God that’s not true (at least it wasn’t for me)! I think that would be harder on me than rubbing a towel on my nipples!


I believe I’ve written before about some of the things Ava has said about nursing (in her now 3 years of nursing), but here are some more funnies that come to mind. :)

When she was between 2 and 2 1/2 I asked her what my milk tasted like and she replied, “strawberries.”

She recently has differentiated between my two breasts. The right one is “soft” and the left one is “squishy.” I guess it could be worse. ;)

The other day I decided to “interview” her a bit to get a 3-year-old’s perspective on nursing.

Me: Do you like mama milk?
Ava: Yeah.
Me: Why?
Ava: Cuz it’s good for me to grow bigger.

Me: Do you like the way it tastes?
Ava: Yes.
Me: What does it taste like?
Ava: Tart (?) and yummy.

Me: How old will you be when you stop having mama milk?
Ava: I don’t know. Three? What?! I’m already 3!

Me: Do you think all kids should have mama milk?
Ava: Yeah.
Me: Why?
Ava: Because it’s good.

‘Nuf said. ;)

*After realizing I didn’t have any pictures of myself tandem nursing the kids (since it’s very rare that they both nurse at the same time), I asked Jody to take some. This photo was taken on July 15, 2007.

A reminder…If you missed the announcement of the winners of my World Breastfeeding Week photo contest, please take a look here. I’m still waiting to hear back from the 1st and 3rd place winners to claim their prizes.


Here are more great (and downright hilarious) stories about “the things they say” below. :)

All aboard the crazy train

Let’s see how much stuff I can pack into five days, shall we?

First, on Wednesday, get filling in tooth. Translation: spend most of the morning psyching myself up to go through with the filling, only to have my heart start racing like mad anyway when I was finally sitting in the chair and he was about to drill. Despite that the dentist was, in fact, a hottie, having my tooth drilled still hurt. I was so busy trying to find my happy place while staring intently at one spot on the ceiling that he could’ve looked like Frankenstein’s monster for all I cared. It was not my idea of a good time. In fact, I’d happily take natural pain med-free childbirth over a filling any day. Seriously. Apparently I’m a big wimp when it comes to dental work.

Secondly, on Thursday, have parents fly in from MI to stay with us (in mid- to upper-90 degree heat* with no A/C) for 6 days. Translation: clean the house the night before and then plan to sweat our selves silly.

Thirdly, on Friday, celebrate Ava’s 3rd birthday! Woot! :) Translation: plan a fun-filled day for Ava, complete with favorite foods and a birthday cake. And write a letter to Ava to sum up the past year (something I do for her on every birthday). (Still working on all of that.)

Fourthly, on Saturday, throw a birthday party (in 94 degree heat) for Ava and friends at a local park. Translation: drive self crazy trying to get everything ready for the party. (I still have a bunch of things I need to buy.) Oh, and more sweating.

Fifthly, on Sunday, plan to attend the National Mile High Breastfeeding Celebration to participate in breaking the national record for the most women breastfeeding in one place. Also, plan to blog about it at a later date and take pictures to share on my blog and possibly with other bloggers. Did I mention it’s supposed to be 98 degrees that day?! Translation: pack family in the car to drive an hour to Denver, nurse Julian at the appointed time while sweating my butt off, pack family back into car for an hour drive back home. Nah, I’m sure we will hang out and have a good time. I just wish it wasn’t going to be 98 degrees.

Sixthly, also on Sunday, plan to attend sister’s “I graduated from law school” party. Translation: even more sweating to ensue, but this time with free food. :)

Whew! Is that all? Yes, that’s all. Are you sensing a theme?

Any one of those things by itself in a week would be all fine and good (preferably with cooler temps), but to try to do all of them in the span of five days qualifies me for the crazy award. If I’m not blogging the next few days, you’ll know why. I’ll be on the crazy train. Sweating. ;)

*Jody and I finally got around to watching Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” the other night. It’s only been sitting on our entertainment center for a month now. I plan to blog about it another time, but can you say “global warming?”

“What did you do with my wife?”

“Who are you and what did you do with my wife?” was the question posed to me by Jody after I told him that Ava was the first child dropped off at the farm summer camp this morning. You read that right – the FIRST child dropped off. Me, amygeekgrl, who is notoriously late (see my 8 things post), somehow managed to get to the farm this morning BEFORE any other parents. And we (Ava, Julian and I) were all dressed and even presentable. Ava had her lunch AND her ziploc bag full of table scraps to make pig slop! I even had my camera in hand just in case any photo ops presented themselves.

I’m still scratching my head wondering how I pulled that off. Actually, I think it has something to do with telling myself we HAVE to leave by 9 a.m. to get there by 9:30. That way, even when we don’t leave until 9:10 or 9:15, we still can get there on time, and, apparently even a few minutes early! Amazing.

I was pretty excited about the table scraps Ava got to take for the pigs today too. I’ve had this 3 lb. bag of organic apples sitting in my crisper for over a month now. The apples (unsure of the variety) were too tart to eat as is, but I kept them around, hating to waste them and thinking I’d do something with them “someday.” Someday arrived this weekend, when I finally decided to peel, core, chop them and make them into apple crisp. It was damn tasty. Of course then I was left with a bunch of apple peels and cores which I started to throw in the trash (I know, we need to start using our composter), when I remembered Ava needed food for the pigs. So I put them in a bag and into the fridge (didn’t know if pigs could eat them if they sat out. I’d hate to be the one who gave the pigs food poisoning). I told the director at the farm this morning that I wish I could bring our table scraps every week. She just laughed. Apparently she didn’t realize I was totally serious.

Ava had a good time again today – making slop for the pigs, making a pig mask and painting a paper pig, among other things. When I went to pick her up today I had her show me her little square of the garden all of the kids planted last week. Nothing sprouting yet, but maybe in another week since we are getting rain again.

Oh, and she didn’t tell me, “I don’t want to be picked up” when I showed up today either, though I was met with a sad face. She had been spouting off animal sounds to her teacher as she read a farm book to Ava and the other kids waiting to be picked up. I walked up to hear her oinking enthusiastically. :)

It was pretty cute when after we got home today I took off her shoes and out rolled some corn. Guess who’d been feeding and petting the cows? ;) My little farmer.

Oh, and just for the record, I was a couple of minutes early picking her up too! Maybe having two kids will actually help me be on time more often. Ha ha ha ha ha. Who am I kidding?

Clothes shopping challenged

Apparently I am seriously out of practice when it comes to shopping for clothes for myself. I haven’t bought much in the way of non-maternity clothes for the past 4 years, so today when I set out to find myself some new shirts specifically (I am in major need), I felt lost. I kept picking out shirts that resembled maternity tops, even though I wasn’t in the maternity section. Is that just the style these days or am I subconsciously wishing I was pregnant again?

Anyway, Kohl’s was the first store I went to since I was hoping to score some sweet discounts with a coupon I had. Although I tried on a mess of clothes there, I couldn’t find anything I really liked. Part of it has to do with the fact that I’m holding onto about 10 lbs of baby fat and the other part is because the majority of the clothes were just plain weird. Or perhaps I have no fashion sense. Or maybe shopping at Kohl’s means I have no fashion sense in the first place. I don’t know. It’s late and I’m getting confused.

When I go shopping I tend to look for cute clothes in the juniors department first, because I feel like the women’s department is too “old” (for lack of a better term) for me. Yet I’m sensing more and more that the junior clothes are too “young” for me. And apparently to be a “junior” you have to want your ass crack to hang out of the back of your capris, shorts, jeans, etc. So maybe I am not a junior after all.

I went over to the women’s department and the clothes fit me better (because I *am* a woman), but they weren’t styles I really liked. I felt like everything was business casual, and, as a SAHM, I don’t need business, just casual.

After coming up empty handed after two trips into the fitting room, I decided I’d wasted enough time at Kohl’s and gave up on my discount and headed to the next store. Ross. (For those of you unfamiliar with Ross, it’s a discount store like TJMaxx or Marshall’s. “Designer clothes at less than half the original price” or some such thing. If that doesn’t say fashion sense, I don’t know what does. ;) Ha.)

Oh, I must also say here that I was doing all of this shopping on my own – sans kids. Jody said he would watch them and I high-tailed it on out of there. Yay me!

Ross is a hit or miss kind of store. Sometimes you get lucky and find a plethora of things. Other times, not so much. You pretty much have to comb through the racks a couple of times to make sure you didn’t miss a buried treasure, so it’s a little time consuming to shop there.

This time I decided to start in the women’s section and hope for the best. As luck would have it, everything I found, except for one item (a skirt) came from women’s. Just like Kohl’s, Ross’s junior section was full of lots of ass cracky kinds of pants and shirts that don’t cover enough of your stomach, er, not enough of *my* stomach.

Today turned out to be a good day for me at Ross though, and I managed to do fairly well. I came away with four shirts and a flowy, hippie-kinda skirt all for $40. I was pleased. I was even happier to use a VISA gift card (that Jody gave me for Christmas) for my purchases. Free clothes! ;)

As I left Ross, I noted that I hadn’t heard from Jody that the kids were wreaking havoc or anything so I decided to swing by Vitamin Cottage on my way home. Unfortunately, I made up for my savings on clothes by spending a pretty penny there, but it’s all worth it. I was happy to see organic romaine lettuce from a local farmer for sale and I picked up a head. It always makes me feel good to support the local farmers and I’m glad Vitamin Cottage gets some of their food from the locals. I also bought some organic bananas and yams because I think we might start giving Julian some food in the near future. He seems about ready. I’m not feeling as ready and neither is Jody (we’re not looking forward to going from sweet smelling breastfed poopy diapers to rank and stinky solid food poopy diapers), but what can we do. ;) We’ll survive.

All in all it was a pleasant three hours spent out in the world by myself. (I haven’t done that in over six months. I should do it more often.) I got some clothes, I got some food. What more does one need? ;)

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