While we were shopping at the sale last night (more on our finds later), Ava found a toy workbench with lots of tools on it. Jody saw her lifting up her shirt and putting something on her chest. He wondered what she was doing, but didn’t think much of it. Later, she came over to me and said, “here’s some milk for Julian” handing me an invisible cup. Still later, she handed an invisible cup to our friend Dax to give to his baby Trajan. I hadn’t seen her putting the tools to her chest and Jody didn’t hear her say it was milk forRead More →

Remember those old jokes – What’s grosser than gross? I’ve got a new one. What’s grosser than gross? When your baby spits up down your v-neck shirt leaving a literal puddle of spit-up in your bra. Say it with me – Ewwww! Yep, glad I didn’t bother showering today! What’s grosser than that? When you know you probably won’t get a chance to shower until later tonight at the earliest. And on the topic of liquids coming out of babies’ mouths, I was holding Julian up on the couch with me while Ava played with him as she sat on the floor. All of aRead More →

And now for a little light reading… Feb. 2007: Ava called “Rooster” from the movie Annie, “chicken.” 2/9/07: The day before, Julian was “talking” and I told Ava he was “finding his voice.” So the next day when he was squealing, Ava said, “Is he finding his voicemail?” 2/13/07: Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Ava (pausing to think): “A pumpkin!” 2/15/07: Discussing whether or not Ava was going to go to the store with daddy. Me: “Do you want to go with daddy?” Ava: “No” Me: “OK, then daddy will just go by himself.” Ava: “No, he will getRead More →

If you missed the original post about an Ohio daycare center charging a breastfeeding mom an extra $50/week breast milk surcharge and labeling the milk “biohazard,” please get up to speed here or to directly to Breastfeeding 123 for the whole story. In actuality, “the Centers for Disease Control does not consider breast milk a hazardous bodily fluid and breast milk thus does not require any special handling, protection or storage by the daycare provider. Breast-fed babies are sick less often and less severely, translating into fewer illnesses spreading to the other children and the daycare staff.” So why is this daycare freaking out andRead More →

It’s 2:30 in the morning, your 2-year-old daughter just woke up and only mommy can comfort her, your 13-week-old son just did a doozy in his diaper and wants to nurse, the wind is howling outside and the dogs are barking downstairs because of the wind. What do you do? Do you… A) Wait for your husband to change your son, then nurse him while trying to cuddle your daughter at the same time; B) Lie in bed thinking about how you *really* wish you were in the bathroom right about now because of (TMI) the intestinal flu you’ve had the past two days; C)Read More →

My husband Jody has never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. He sees it for what it is – a commercial holiday second only to Christmas – and I have to agree. Even though I know that it’s all about consumerism – something I try my best not to get caught up in – I have to admit that this girl still likes to be pampered. I think it was two years ago Valentine’s Day when we said we weren’t going to spend any money on each other. Yeah sure, I agreed to it, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t buy anything for him,Read More →