Dear Julian, It’s been three years since you made your surprise entrance into my world, dancing your way into our lives and into my heart. You’re such a sweet child. I love watching you and Ava play together and hearing you tell her that you love her. You don’t always get along and you can get quite feisty when you want to (yes, you are strong-willed just like your sister and your mother), but you are a gentle soul. You enjoy your fair share of rough housing and got your first stitches last week to prove it. Well, not quite. Actually the stitches were theRead More →

I’m so glad that I got a few pics of the kids playing in the leaves on Friday – like this one of Julian. Because by Saturday, our yard looked like this! And now, all of the leaves in our trees (which were still green!) have fallen to the ground. What happened to autumn this year? Climate change? What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Don’t miss a single CDG post, subscribe to my blog.Read More →