A loooooong time ago, the wonderful Penny at Walking Upside Down chose me to be the recipient of a PIF or Pay It Forward meme. She made me a cool eco bag and also gifted me with a wonderfully-smelling bar of soap. Since then, Isil at Veggie Way has also chosen me for a PIF. I haven’t received her gift yet, but it is a hand cranked music box that plays “Imagine.” Love that song. :) Now it’s my turn to (finally) return the favor. The way it works is I will send a gift (something handmade or something bought – I don’t make muchRead More →

Farrah at Baby Loves Slings tagged me to write 7 True Things about myself, so here goes: I am left-handed. I have green eyes. I have a not-so-secret love affair with chocolate. I would love to give birth to another baby, but am unsure if more than two children is right for our family. I don’t wear antiperspirant, just deodorant. My first pet was a goldfish named “George.” I’m a perfectionist by nature, but have had to relax a bit, OK, a LOT since having kids. I’m not tagging anyone specifically, but please feel free to play along if you’d like and let me knowRead More →

Jenny at Mommin’ It Up was recently interviewed by another blogger and had so much fun with it, she decided to carry it on herself. I told her I was game to play along so she sent me my own set of questions. Here they are, with, of course, my answers. If you’d like me to interview you, leave me a comment stating you’d like to be interviewed and I’ll send you your own set of questions. :) 1) You are the Crunchy Domestic Goddess. How did you get to be so Crunchy? While I think I always had some crunchy tendencies, they really didn’tRead More →

The Face Behind the Blog and Throwback Thursday all in one! Elizabeth at The Whole Family tagged me last week for The Face Behind the Blog, so here’s a look at me over the years – AKA more pictures of Amy than you could ever possibly care to see. ;) In other words, I don’t think anyone is required to post this many pics, I just got a little pic-postin’ happy. Scroll to the end to see if I tagged YOU! 10 months old and ready to go (1976): Exhibiting early dorky tendencies at age 8 (1983): Nine years old and all dressed up withRead More →

Jen at One Mom’s World tagged me to tell you 8 random facts about myself. :) Since I have accumulated some new readers lately (hi, new readers!), I thought I’d share some things that the newbies might not yet know about me, in addition to some things that might be news to the old-timers as well (hi, old-timers!). ;) 1) I had a planned home birth with my son, Julian in Nov. 2006. He was 9 1/2 lbs. 2) I am quite reserved and shy in real life until I get to know someone pretty well. 3) I’m the oldest of three kids. I haveRead More →

I’ve been tagged by Tanya at The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog to tell you 8 things you don’t know about me, so here goes. 1. I spent the first 18 years of my life living in two different houses on the same street. When I was about 12 years old, my family moved from a ranch on one side of our street to a two-story house on the other side of the street. I’m not even sure we needed a moving van since everything just had to go across the street. 2. I was pre-engaged once (and even had a small diamond ring to prove it)Read More →