no, not fire (thankfully), but I have that song stuck in my head. ;) We’re getting our roof reshingled on Saturday thanks to a hail storm last year that caused enough damage that insurance is covering the whole thing (less our deductible). The shingles and all the materials will be delivered to our driveway on Friday, then work begins bright and early at 7 or 8 on Saturday morning. Zzzzz. It’s a bit early for my taste but at least they will only be tearing off the old shingles for the first few hours so that shouldn’t be as noisy as all the hammering, right?Read More →

We got home safe and sound last night. It’s so good to be back in CO. :) I am in a major house cleaning mode right now (and I have tons of laundry to do) so I probably won’t post about our trip for a day or two. Also, a quick congrats to another friend (Heather) who had a successful VBAC yesterday and welcomed her second son, Cole, into the world! :) Congratulations mama!Read More →

What a barfy night. Not for me (well, inadvertantly it was since I was on the receiving end of the barf), but for Ava. Poor Ava was up off and on barfing from 2:30 to 7 a.m. It made for a very long night, especially since I went to bed already having a headache last night. Jody got up with us the first few times and helped clean up (which was good because those times were the messiest), but I let him sleep through the later dry heaves in the early morning. I wanted him to get *some* sleep before having to go to workRead More →

Good news for parents of breast-fed babies who are concerned their little ones aren’t gaining enough weight. “The World Health Organization is to issue new guidelines on measuring the growth rates of babies. “Current charts are based on calculations using the growth patterns of babies fed largely on formula milk from 20 years ago. But bottle-fed babies put on weight more quickly than those that are breast-fed, meaning breast-fed children could be shown as underweight. The new recommended charts are based on data from breast-fed babies.” Here’s the whole story: Baby growth charts to be revised I know several of my friends will be excitedRead More →

Here’s a great site called Go Organic for Earth Day. It’s chock full of information such as reasons to go organic, recipes, stuff for kids, lists of organic retailers in your area, and organic manufacturers. Whether you check it out on Earth Day or anyday, making the switch to organic foods and product (even in small amounts) can help make a positive difference for our Earth. :) Happy Earth Day!Read More →

Five years ago today, our family and friends came from Michigan and Oklahoma here to Colorado to celebrate our happiness and witness our joy as Jody and I proclaimed our love for each other. Mom and me: My sis, Carrie and me: Jody, getting ready (and Look! He had hair!): Hugging my dad after my parents walked me down the aisle: Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs.: The wedding party: Getting into the limo for the drive up to the ranch in the mountains where our reception was held: Me and my friends: The outlaws: Our wedding cake (the best damn cake I’ve EVER hadRead More →