Dad’s day

I apologize for being a craptastic blogger the past week/weekend. Jody was out working in CA all week and my mom got in from MI for a 12-day stay on Thursday. So between solo parenting and trying to get the house in decent shape, plus then spending time with my mom the past few days and Jody when he returned, I’ve been an absentee blogger (though you can always find me micro-blogging on Twitter – hint, hint).

While Jody was gone this week I received a good reminder of why I love him. He’s an awesome dad and his involvement both in the kids’ lives and around the house helps me be a better mother. And he lets the kids play things like this, without batting an eye:

I was so happy to have him return home safely late Friday night. :)

For the past three years, I’ve made a Father’s Day photo collage for Jody. (Take a look at last year’s and the previous two years.) This year it has yet to happen as I haven’t had the opportunity to take the Ava and Julian’s pictures, but I still plan to do it. Really, I do. :) Jody appreciates the tradition I’ve started and hopes that I will carry it on for years to come. (And I hope I can carry it on for years to come too!)

We’re not doing anything elaborate this Father’s Day. Jody talked about going for a drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park to enjoy nature, but instead we are opting for something with a lesser carbon footprint and going to the pool at the rec center, where Ava can show off her new skills acquired at swimming lessons (she just passed from a “Turtle” to an “Alligator”) and we can just spend time together playing in the water.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. :)

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A little breastfeeding humor

Welcome to February’s Carnival of Breastfeeding sponsored by The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog. This month our theme is breastfeeding humor, or “What’s so funny about breastfeeding?”

Here are a few breastfeeding funnies – a joke, picture and video – I gathered up from around the ‘net. Enjoy! :)

First, the joke:

A woman and a baby come into the doctor’s office.

She was told to go into a room and wait for the doctor.

After arriving there, the doctor examined the baby and asked the woman, “Is he breast fed or on the bottle?”

“Breast fed” she replied.

“Well, strip down to your waist,” the doctor ordered.

She did.

He pressed, kneaded and pinched both breasts for a while in a detailed examination.

Motioning to her to get dressed said, “No wonder this baby is hungry. You don’t have any milk.”

“Naturally,” she said, “I’m his aunt. But I’m glad I came.”


Next, the picture:

Breastfeedin doin it wrong


Finally, the video: (Note: this video includes a bit of non-sexual nudity, it’s about breastfeeding after all, but it may not be considered “work safe.”)

I don’t know what the woman says in this (anyone?), but you’ll get the gist of it regardless of the language spoken. ;)


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I’m inspired

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, when 24 states will vote in presidential primaries and caucuses. A couple of weeks ago I honestly had no idea what Super Tuesday was. I’ve been pretty apathetic about anything and everything political over the past several years. However, I spent the past few days reading up on the election and the candidates (thank you, BlogHer!) and, I may sound like a dreamer, but now I feel hopeful. Tomorrow I just might participate in my first caucus.

America needs a change. America needs hope. America needs a leader who will inspire them. I feel like Barack Obama just might be the person for the job, and I admit, I’m inspired.

The cause of my inspiration:

Yes We Can.

A little change makes all the difference

Before Jody got home from work this evening, I was feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed. I knew I needed to get dinner started, but the kids wanted to play on top of the coffee table and I couldn’t very well leave them to do that without supervision. Actually, Ava would have stayed off of it if I asked her to, but Julian, at only 14 months, was another story.

Dissatisfied with the idea of spending the next half-hour removing him from the table every time he climbed up and listening to his cries of frustration as I did so, I considered moving the table to the basement – where all things that we don’t want the kids playing on/with seem to end up. It seemed like too much work to me, so instead I decided to flip the table over – my thoughts being that it would thwart Julian’s climbing efforts and possibly provide something “new” to play with. As both kids eagerly climbed inside, the upside-down table effortlessly transformed into a boat, and then a bed, while I made dinner without interruption (woot!).

The kids walking on “the bridge” 1/18/08

Later tonight, as Ava and Julian walked countless times over the inverted table, I thought to myself what a fine obstacle course it had become for two kids who needed to work off some energy before bed. Ava informed me, however, that it was in fact now a bridge. Who knew that the table that had earlier been the source of my frustration would so easily morph into so many things, be just as much (if not more) fun for the kids, and make me smile instead of frown.

Sometimes a little change in scenery and perspective is all it takes to turn a stressful situation into a great one. :) I’ll have to remember that myself.

The Great Virtual Breast Fest

My Wordless Wednesday post is below.

Today is the day of the Great Virtual Breast Fest sponsored by The League of Maternal Justice. A virtual nurse-in is being held at 10 a.m. (your local time) today.

It’s so frustrating to me that here we are in the year 2007 and we are having to fight for something as basic as a baby’s right to eat because of people like Bill Maher who equates breastfeeding to masturbation and Facebook who bans breastfeeding photos because they are “obscene,” and restaurants like Applebee’s who insist that breastfeeding women cover up as if they are doing something shameful.

It is my sincerest hope that by the time my children are grown, Ava will not have to deal with opposition for breastfeeding her children in public. That is why I participate in these things. In hopes of bringing about a change for future generations.

Here’s a video of us participating in the breast fest:

And here’s a link to others who participated in the nurse-in. :)