Now for the not-so-wordless part of this “Wordless Wednesday” post. Every Mother’s Day since 2005, I’ve had my picture (and Ava’s, and then Julian’s) taken in front of the tulips on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. This year we almost didn’t go, but I’m glad we did. One of these days I’ll need to make a collage of all of my Mother’s Day pictures for myself. :) I know I haven’t been much of a blogger the past couple weeks. I hope to get a “real” post up later this week. Please know that I’m hanging in there, trying to focus on my recoveryRead More →

Thanks to all of you who’ve emailed, Tweeted or commented lately asking about how I’m doing. Things are continuing to get better slowly but surely (the biggest problem lately is still my vision) and I hope to start blogging (at least once a week) again soon. I miss it! Hope you all are well. :) See more Wordless Wednesday posts at the original WW home and at 5 Minutes for Mom.Read More →